Academic Learning

We place the highest priority on our academic program

Martial Arts Programs

Our program is designed to strengthen the body and mind

Summer Camp

Our summer camp gives children the opportunity to see the rewards of all their continued hard work through the school year

After School

The MARS Academy’s After School program is an enrich program that offers to our student members the ability to achieve higher standards. After School program provides not only transportation from school to MARS Academy facility, but ensures each and every student has finished their homework to their best ability, provide assistance where needed, participate in TaeKwonDo class to keep your child(ren) physically active and focused, and offer additional supplemental Tutoring Program upon parent’s request. MARS acknowledges some students’ needs that extra push to reach their potential and that is the reason why we offer these wonderful programs to our student member. As you can see, nowhere else, but MARS Academy, can these two programs exist in synergy whereby a student member will be benefiting the best from both programs. TaeKwonDo discipline and structure applied to positive study environment for intellectual and academic growth.

Inspirational quotes that we live by!
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Heller Keller
“No matter how he may think himself accomplished, when he sets out to learn a new language, science or the bicycle, he has entered a new realm as truly as if he were a child newly born into the world.” Frances Willard
“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.” Abigail Adams

Homework Sessions

MARS Academy is one of the best self-tutoring program to provide a solid foundation for our children’s academic success. More than 90% of after schoolers have met or excelled Honor Roll guidelines. Strict rules of homework study have encouraged after school members to strive and achieve more. What does learning how to immerse themselves for academic excellence brings to each child’s character? Knowledge leads to understanding, communal sharing, learning becomes more fun, and more importantly it leads into confidence. Importance to ask more, communicate more and finally the desire to learn. “Rome was not built in a day.” The habitual process of repetitive work of homework, brings unlimited potential to achieve.

Tutoring Math

Is your child struggling in math? Want to know where your child stands on a national level of math expectancy? MARS Academy math tutoring program (K-8) can make that assessment by taking a 20-minute assessment test. Identifying the markers of their strengths and areas of improvement, we then have a place to start. An introduction of Self Perspective Learning Method (SPLM) is various types of questions, incorporate knowledge of basic thinking math with problem solving skill of critical thinking math, the process shall lead your child into greater understanding with memorization, expression solving problems, increasing thinking power and develop creative thinking process.

Tutoring English

MARS Academy approach to English assess your child ability to read, comprehend and writing skills (Structure, grammar, punctuation, etc.) provide understanding of fundamental English for the young children. This will be the perfect supplement for those who are having a difficult time in English at school. It teaches Basic English structure to forming a grammatically correct sentence, Self-Perspective Learning Method (SPLM). Think to learn, we learn to read, and finally we read to learn more. This than leads into writing. Educating our children to enjoy writing can be fun. Just need to identify where they want to start and pushing forward with the correct markers.






Special Events

MARS Academy gears towards parents to enjoy time out without worrying about your children by offering Parent’s night out, Shopping day and many other occasions requiring some time alone and away from our God’s special gifts, our beautiful never stopped asking why, “Get away from your sister”, “what were you thinking” lovable kids. LOL. Once in a while, we acknowledge parents need a “Time Off.” For that reason, why we offer programs tailored for you, parents, a nice relaxing time for yourselves. So, when MARS offers these Special Events, TAKE IT,… for you will never know when you will get another chance to do so.

Our Parents Love us Too
Our parents love us and you’ll love us too. really! Check out what they have to say about us. it’s all good.

"Awesome staff"

“My son went from constantly being in trouble at school to the honor roll.”  Dave. P


“Now my daughter is teaching me math, they do such as awesome job at MARS academy. All I can say is wooooooooahh”  Mary. D

"Saved me hours"

“With the level of care the staff at MARS Academy places in my childrens education has saved me so much time.” Jenn. T

"The best after school ever"

“Until I found MARS academy I found myself on the phone with my sons teachers on a weekly bases. Now I get notes praising my sons progress .” Tom. H


Imagine The Possibilities

There is nothing better than watching all our children grow each passing day. Watching them exceed their self-imagined limitations makes us smile. Come see what your child can do.