It's Vacation Time

Mars Academy Summer Camp
Fun Summer Activities
Excelsior!! Summer is here! Time to learn, have fun and relax the summer away! Summer is to learn, get inspired, to achieve goals and lastly to end the summer smarter and stronger than when you first arrived.

“I’ve never had more fun in my life!  I will be coming back next year for sure.”

Each week has an activity fun filled week set forth by its theme event. From that, relatable subject materials are learned and Arts & Crafts are created to enhanced each individual learning experience.
What to do?

Theme Week Adventure


Subject Matter Research related to each week’s adventure


Arts & Craft


Reading, Writing, Arithmetic


Martial Arts Class


Indoor/Outdoor Activities



fun party’s



What to expect?

A Great Time

Adventurers are created when opportunities are presented for them. To casually learn, to be inquisitive at each own’s pace and to create experiences through site, touch, and many attempts to create. Through failures, one can only truly grasp at furthering success. Failures are major milestones in deepening their understanding to create life experiences.

One example of these experiences are through our Nature Tours whereby hiking through nature, sight seeing various plants and small creatures, swimming and tubing through thigh deep rivers. (Its safe and all measure of safety have been considered in the past and future ventures.)

At the end of the week, our children are asked to take a moment and reflect on the adventures. Write, draw the experience so we may provide to our audience (parents) of what they have experience and what was their highlighted moment of their time.

Special Moments

Memories of the summer are fun and quick, but the true testament of a special moments come through when school starts. Our kids are able to stand and share their experiences but none more importantly than to shine through when the academic materials are placed in front of them. To be able to continue through their reading, writing and arithmetic as if school sessions never ended. That’s why memory retention program is at its best at Mars Academy.
24/7 FUN
24/7 FUN
Adventures are ready, thinking caps are on, all senses are heightened, excitement is hard to contained, exploration is at hand, questions are asked, curiosities are full of answers, smiling with enjoyment of knowledge, the trip is completed, and finally experiences are set to memory!!

Why we do what we do


Imagine The Possibilities

There is nothing better than watching all our children grow each passing day. Watching them exceed their self-imagined limitations makes us smile. Come see what your child can do.